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Jacob Jarvis is a Certified Health and Personal Development Coach. He serves teenage through adult males in Raleigh-Durham, NC and all over the world. 


Jacob’s mission is to help men fuel and value their own emotional and physical lives, so that they may recover wholeness, excel, and make their positive unique impact on the world. 


Male suicide statistics today are heartbreaking. The rates of depression and anxiety are higher than ever before. 

Jacob’s mission in working with men of all ages is to help prevent depression and overwhelming anxiety by helping men learn how to navigate life with confidence and optimism. He helps his clients to create visions for their new healthy lives that reflect their true selves so that they can experience peace, freedom, and vitality, now and in the future.


For most of his life, Jacob has been a seeker of deeper understanding. As a child growing up in the mountains of North Carolina, he would look up at the the stars and ponder the big questions — he had a yearning to understand as much as he could about the universe, about life, and what it meant to be a great man.

His life's journey began with growing up in a extended family that battled mental illness, alcoholism, drug abuse,and infidelity. Later, Jacob himself struggled with weight issues which promoted guilt, isolation, body shaming, and bullying from other children.  Growing up in a small town, Jacob was unique, and any attempt at authentic self-expression was discouraged by his early life experience in a conservative mountain town. He had his work cut out for him in discovering who he really was as a man, learning to love and accept himself, and forming safe, loving bonds with others. 

He understands the challenges men face around balancing masculinity, love, friendships and care for oneself. In college, Jacob sought out to experience brotherhood  by joining a national fraternity. Through this experience he learned the powerful positive effect brotherhood can have on your life as a man. However, it was also a result of this experience that Jacob was personally touched with the loss of close friends, brothers, to drug abuse, and mental illness resulting in suicide. 


Soon after college, Jacob began what would become a successful decade long career in Information Technology. During this period of his life Jacob experienced success professionally, but hit several bumps in the road early on relating to his health. Soon after taking his first post graduate job in IT he was diagnosed with hypertension (high blood pressure). Initially following doctors advice Jacob took medication to treat his condition however the side effects he felt made it hard for him to concentrate in a highly technical job so he set out to find a different solution. After doing a ton of self education and research on diet and nutrition, Jacob was able to change his habits around exercise and nutrition to reduce his blood pressure to a healthy level naturally.


Several years later Jacob experienced first hand the tremendous effect of trauma after surviving an attempted murder by a friend who'd suffered a psychotic break due to the suicide of a loved one. The years that followed saw Jacob silently struggle with symptoms of PTSD which touched every facet of his life from his physical and mental health, to this career and relationships. After seeking professional help to treat his condition, Jacob learned how to harness the power of meditation, breathing techniques, peer support, exercise, and natural supplementation to become whole again and heal from trauma, emerging stronger than ever.

As the years passed, Jacob began to feel that his career in IT provided few moments of genuine positive impact on the lives of others. He wanted more of those opportunities and he wanted to do it on a larger scale. It was then that Jacob set out to become who he was born to be and to find the people he was meant to be with. He studied, traveled, and sought out his tribe. Recently, at age 38, Jacob realized his goal of optimizing his Testosterone naturally through nutrition and exercise to levels that are 3 times that of the average adult male.

After this time of personal exploration he finds himself deeply connected, whole, in love with life, and aligned with her true purpose as an empathic mentor for other men who are struggling to love themselves, make positive changes, and nurture wholeness. Today, as a Certified Health and Personal Development Coach, he enjoys the honor of helping men all over the world know themselves deeply, awaken their dreams, and create fulfilling lives using all of the tools, strategies and interventions that helped him get where he is today.


When he is not focusing on his own personal growth and supporting others in theirs, Jacob enjoys spending time with the people he loves and his dog, Nero.  You might also find him planning his next adventure, taking a swim at the lake, listening to music, reading, writing, or enjoying any form of the science fiction genre. 


Jacob's personal mantra is: I am worthy, I let go of fear, I let go of doubt. I am strong and resilient, I can handle every situation. Just as the tree could not grow stronger without weathering the storm, without difficulty and struggle in life we cannot grow into the men we are meant to be. Facing struggles head on enables you to discover your inherent strengths and who you are at the core. It means being more confident, more successful, achieving your goals, and discovering your purpose. It means being healthy and happy with yourself, regardless of outer circumstances. Therefore, he believes it is vital to embrace the difficulties you face, to see them as the storm that produces the stronger branches of your life, and recognize that struggle is the soil from which you will transform into the man capable of fulfilling the vision you have for your life.


He believes that to experience real growth and development, men must take a holistic approach. Loving & accepting ourselves and others, nurturing our own well-being and personal identity, allowing others to love and nurture us, and showing up ready to love and nurture the people in our lives is the path to wholeness. Living with a sense of purpose, having deeply connected relationships (brotherhood), and promoting health and vitality are the 3 pillars of a satisfying life.

And finally, Jacob believes we are not meant to succeed alone. He could not be where she is today without his loved ones, his beliefs, or his own coaches and mentors. If you are seeking someone you can trust to help you make positive changes, Jacob would be honored to support and guide you on your journey.




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HCI Certified Health Coach


HCI Certified Life Coach


Appalachian State University

BA, Communications