Our Mission & Story

CodeYou is a business dedicated to the Health and Personal Development of men. We serve our clients from adolescence through adulthood all over the world through our online community and personal and group coaching services. 


Our mission at CodeYou is to support, educate, encourage, and enhance the total health and lives of men all over the globe. We strive to help build a community of men who want to live up to their maximum potential at each stage of life. 

Our Logo: The Yggdrasil

The Yggdrasil is an immense mythical tree that plays a central role in the study of the cosmos by the North Germanic peoples in the 13th century and earlier. The Yggdrasil is traditionally described as an immense eternal green Ash tree that is center to the cosmos and considered very sacred by the Norse culture. Described as the tree of life, the Yggdrasil's branches stretch out over all of the nine worlds in Norse mythology, and extend up and above the heavens. 

In the words of the Old Norse poem Völuspá, Yggdrasil is “the friend of the clear sky,”so tall that its crown is above the clouds. Its heights are snow-capped like the tallest mountains, and “the dews that fall in the dales” slide off of its leaves. Hávamál adds that the tree is “windy,” surrounded by frequent, fierce winds at its heights. “No one knows where its roots run," because they stretch all the way down to the underworld, which no one (except shamans) can see before he or she dies.

At CodeYou, we see the Yggdrasil as a symbol of our core mission to educate men in a holistic way about all the branches of our lives and how interconnected they are. It's our goal to help clients to thrive just like this ancient symbol of life represents.